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Year in review: Search trends 2021

Although the new year is already seven days young, we would still like to share a review of the year with you. In mid-December, Google published 21 trends via its blog “The Keyword Deutschland”, which showed the past year. We have briefly summarised four of these trends here:

🤝 The search term “donations” reached a record high during the flood disaster in July 2021.

😴 2021 was an exhausting year. According to Google, the terms “back pain” and “sleep” were never searched as often in Germany as in 2021.

💚 Also interesting: In Germany, last year the term “sustainability” was searched for more often than ever before.

🌱 In no other German city were plants googled as often as in Leipzig.

💭 What do you think will end up in the trends this year?

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