From the company to the end customer and on to your business partner. Generate valuable B2C2B projects via social media and Google that benefit you, your business partner and the end customer.

From the company, to the end customer, to the business partner

The 3-stage distribution

Give your business partners valuable leads that you cannot use yourself! Business partners can be craftsmen, workshops etc., i.e. implementing companies.

End customer

Lead generation


Lead qualification & management

Business partner

Project implementation

USE Case


Zander Digital Services has already successfully implemented various B2C2B projects with the ZANDER GROUP, especially in connection with the Lumina bathroom exhibition, a brand of the ZANDER GROUP.

USE Case


Zander Digital Services konnte mit der ZANDER-GRUPPE bereits diverse B2C2B Projekte erfolgreich umsetzen, vor allem im Zusammenhang mit der Lumina Badausstellung, einer Marke der ZANDER-GRUPPE.

B2C2B - Explained simply

The process

Don’t just leave your traffic behind. Use it! You, your business partners and the end customer will benefit. A win-win-win situation



The end customer is interested in a topic and requests advice from the wholesaler.


Lead generation

The wholesaler generates the end customer’s data via a form.


Lead qualification

The wholesaler qualifies the generated lead.



The wholesaler passes lead on to the business partner.



The business partner contacts the end customer and takes care of their requests.



The business partner reports to the wholesaler on the further progress of the lead and whether a contract has been concluded.


Data analysis

During the entire process, there is a permanent status query between the systems.



The processed data from the B2C2B process is permanently synchronised with the customer relationship management software.



Der Geschäftspartner reportet dem Großhändler den weiteren Verlauf des Leads und ob es zum Vertragsabschluss gekommen ist.

One process, everyone benefits

The benefits

Learn how you and your partners as well as end customers can benefit from the B2C2B process!

  • Sensible use of existing, unused traffic.
  • Building loyalty to own customers.
  • Sales management at product level.
  • Fast processing of his request.
  • Certainty of having found a serious, available and qualified service provider.
  • Everything from a single source!
  • Receive leads that are already qualified.
  • No investment necessary.
  • Detailed reporting.
  • Full control over the marketing budget.
  • No further investment necessary.

In 3 steps to your solution

Our services

We take over the following tasks for you when setting up your B2C2B process.

Lead generation

Generating end-customer leads via Google Ads and social media advertising.


Integration of the technical process on your website and in your database.


Permanent monitoring of success and systematic analysis of the data obtained.

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