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With AI cat flap never again foreign animals in the house

The areas of application for artificial intelligence are incredibly versatile and are becoming more and more suitable for everyday use. In addition to search engines, medicine and various other areas of application, there is now a new one: Cat flaps. Why this is actually really practical, you can find out here! 🐱

The problem

Everyone knows the classic flap for dogs and cats: It allows your four-legged friend to freely choose whether he or she prefers to stay outside or inside. Unfortunately, this flap not only allows your own pet to enter the house, but also all other animals that fit through the flap.

The solution

The pet flap from Petvation provides a solution. Thanks to intelligent AI cameras, it can recognise whether and which cat or dog is standing in front of it and, thanks to facial recognition, only lets your own pet in. By the way, sensors prevent the pet from being trapped by the flap.

Also practical

If you are tired of having your cat’s hunting trophies in the house or flat, the flap also offers a solution for this. The flap can recognise what the cat has brought with it and can be set in such a way that the pet is denied access.

After the invention was able to convince 581 backers in a Kickstarter campaign, the pet flap is now being produced. We are curious when it will also be available on the German market.

👉 You can find all the info about the pet flap in this t3n article, which you can reach via the button.

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