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Twitter trends your company should keep an eye on

For the latest „The Conversation: Twitter Trends 2022“ report, the social network has analysed billions of tweets in more detail. The result are three trends that you and your company should keep a closer eye on.

1. Sustainability 💚
Sustainability is particularly popular among Twitter users. Not only is the topic discussed in general, but also increasingly the behaviour of brands. For example, interest in the topic of greenwashing on Twitter has increased by 158%.

2. Shape 🔨
The Twitter community not only wants to be played by their favourite brand, but also to help shape it. The topics of collectibles and NFT avatars are particularly popular on Twitter.

3. Financial business 💰
The topic of finance is gaining in popularity, even outside of one’s own private four walls. Overall, the community tweeted 78% more tweets about finance than in the previous year. The content of these tweets is predominantly cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

💭 What trends have you noticed on Twitter?

👉 More information can be found in this INTERNET WORLD article on the report:

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