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Tips for Black Friday

The internet offers many temptations, but also dangers, especially during events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here are crucial steps to minimise the risk:


Recognising fake reviews 🌟

-Be careful with overly promotional or inappropriate reviews.

-Check whether the author is also active in other businesses.

-Use tools such as Review Meta, especially for private label products, to identify fake reviews.

Protection against fake shops 🚨

-Research the name of the shop and operator before buying.

-Prefer payment methods with comprehensive buyer protection.

-Use the consumer advice centre’s fake shop finder to identify problematic shops.

Recognising fake merchant accounts πŸ”

-Watch out for suspiciously favourable offers.

-Check whether the shop offers additional discounts outside of Amazon that jeopardise buyer protection.

Different payment methods πŸ’°

-Use PayPal buyer protection and credit cards with insurance packages.

-Actively check seals of approval such as Trusted Shops and look out for encrypted websites with secure data transmission.

-Check whether the shop’s website uses encrypted data transmission, recognisable by the URL beginning with “https” and a lock symbol in the address bar of the browser. In addition, a complete legal notice, a contactable hotline and other confidence-building measures are important criteria for reliability.

Money gone? πŸ’³

-If there is suspicious activity, block access and card immediately via the banking or credit card app.

-Order a replacement card from your bank or savings bank.

-Use the chargeback procedure to dispute unjustified payments. Avoid Paypal transfers via the friends function.


With these tips, you are optimally prepared for the next Black Friday. Do you know any other tips? Feel free to share them in the comments! πŸ’¬

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