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The most common SEO mistakes

In time for the weekend, we would like to provide you again with exciting insights from the marketing industry. This week we would like to recommend this Ryte article: “Common SEO mistakes and how you can fix them”. Not only the mistakes are interesting here, but also the practical “self-help” tips.

To give you a first insight, we have already summarised three of the most common SEO mistakes briefly and crisply for you here:

1️⃣ Page Speed – Your page has too long loading times⌛

2️⃣ Mobile optimisation – your website is poorly optimised for mobile or not optimised at all 📲

3️⃣ Content – Duplicate content on your website 📖

Need help with your SEO? No problem! With our experienced team in Germany and Barcelona, we are happy to support you.

👉 You can find the recommended Ryte article via the button.

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