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The future of marketing?

LinkedIn and HubSpot have published an analysis of the challenges and opportunities for marketing managers, which has produced some exciting results. With the emergence of every new development in marketing, the demands on marketing managers in Germany are also increasing. In this study, 2,000 marketers in the EMEA region were surveyed to gain insights into the challenges, opportunities and predicted trends. Here are the key findings:


Priorities and challenges
📈The pressure to perform in the industry is constantly increasing due to uncertainties, budget cuts, increased customer expectations and signs of fatigue in certain channels. Job changes and redundancies are lengthening sales cycles and reducing profit margins, further increasing the pressure.

👥Maintaining customer loyalty and retaining existing customers are particular challenges and are the focus this year.

Important marketing channels
🇩🇪Compared to other countries, uses fewer marketing channels and is characterised by a prudent approach by marketing managers who focus on stability and future-oriented strategies.
👩‍💻E mail marketing is still considered one of the most important channels by six out of ten respondents. Choosing the right marketing channel depends on the type of product, costs and customer preferences.

Making decisions
🎯Many interviewees make important decisions, whether with regard to far-reaching strategic issues or the purchase of software, often alone and within isolated departmental structures. In the area of marketing, the budget is often determined without coordination with other departments.

Facors for purchasing software and tools
💰 Respondents attach particular importance to price, reliability, customer support and seamless integration into existing tools. Data protection is an important aspect for users of proprietary data and larger companies. In Germany, costs are less important to respondents, while revenue and data protection are the main focus.

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