Digital Maturity

Together with our partner 123C Digital Consulting GmbH we offer the first digitalization toolkit for orientation, planning security and implementation strength.

What is the digital maturity of your company? Find out!


What's behind it all?

We create an overview, draw the digital map and develop strategic recommendations. With this concept, we strengthen companies on the path to digitalisation.


Together with our partner 123C, we have in-depth expertise in all digital facets of the marketing worlds as well as absolute independence. We have no prefabricated standard solutions, nor are we an implementation partner for specific product solutions.


Our customers can draw on our marketing expertise during implementation or use the results of the process to start implementing them themselves or within existing structures. Our drive is to enable companies to navigate successfully and safely through their digitization journey.



We assess the current digital maturity in the company and develop that operational setting to raise the maturity level. To do this, we create the digital framework (#1 framing), fill in the map (#2 mapping), and then design the steps needed to operationalize it (#3 playing).


Status quo of digitalisation
We start by recording the digital core areas and determine what is currently happening in the company. Which projects, resources and channels are being used? What is happening in day-to-day business? Together we develop a 360-degree setup to capture the digital transparency of the company. The initial assessment of the company’s digital maturity helps to determine an objective starting point on the digital map.

Digital output: After completion of this project phase, the company receives an objective status quo on the digital business maturity as well as an assessment of the current digital transformation
transformation and projects.

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Transparency on the digital map
Together with the company, we draw the digital map. Now all relevant projects, dependencies, interfaces and problem areas are put into relation. How do resources, processes and channels relate to each other? What influences the value chain in the company journey? We determine the quick wins and develop a comprehensive roadmap for optimising digital maturity in the company.

Digital output: The company receives a fully comprehensive digital process map including dependencies, interfaces and problem areas. A strategic roadmap for optimising the digital maturity level is designed and made available.

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Playbooks for operationalisation
In the final phase, we enter the strategic playground and discuss the operational playbook with the company. What counts is the implementation for more digital maturity and the digital construction kit needed for this. We provide relevant recommendations for action and customised concepts to achieve the individual company goals. As a digital sparring partner, we show you what is possible and support you in a structured way during implementation.

Digital output: The company receives a detailed implementation plan. The physical handover of the digital kit with the maturity assessment and the outlook of what is digitallyis possible. The digital map and the operational playbook complete the digitalisation package.

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Everything is easier with the right partner:
We are a proud 123C Gold Partner!

Everything is easier with the right partner

We are a proud 123C Gold Partner!

Initial contact & analysis


Your wishes and the important framework conditions are ascertained in an initial joint discussion. Together we go into the 1st Touch. This serves to get to know each other, to discuss initial experience in digital projects from within the company, and then to outline the next steps of your digital maturity level.

If desired, our experts will start directly with the relevant analyses and we will discuss your strengths and possible weaknesses on this basis. Together we identify the need for action and create the further topics for your entrepreneurial, digital presence and thus increase the level of digital maturity in your company.

The heart


The approach: With the help of two iterative half-day workshops, we first talk about the digital basics and then address the individual needs of your map. On this map, we record the initial situation and together evaluate new directions and possibilities within the existing digital topics. The starting point remains the current status quo in the company, which is enriched with strategic considerations and has an influence on digital maturity.

The result of these workshops is an initial maturity assessment and a digital map, which provides you with a simple, visual overview of the digital sensitivities in the company. The potential and the strategic next steps are important in order to plan the necessary resources for the implementation of measures.

Strategic Playbook


After the foundation and the basis for digital maturity have been laid with the digital map, all ideas with concrete measures are packed into a comprehensive roadmap. These digital work packages are brought together in a playbook for the targeted optimisation of your level of digital maturity, rolled out according to priority and optimised continuously in the meantime.

Depending on your wishes, we will be at your side as an enabler or evaluator for the further optimisation work with our expertise and our network.

Process & Benefit

The advantages

Digitisation through and through:
This overall process takes place within the framework of joint workshops and through detailed analysis and expert work by the interdisciplinary team of 123C & Zander Digital Services.

The aspect of digitalisation is rapidly gaining in importance. For the digital enterprise, this means numerous challenges and pain points on the path to transformation. Do you lack a holistic digital view of the internal and external digitalisation areas? Then the 123C Maturity Model will help you evaluate digital steps. Start right away with the 123C maturity level questionnaire. The result creates clarity and gives you an overview of where your company stands digitally.

We would be happy to arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with you online or at your premises to determine your individual needs in an initial discussion.

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We combine quantitative and qualitative consulting in the analysis for the development of individual digitalisation strategies. We assess all areas of the company on the digital map and develop strategic recommendations based on the individual challenges of the company. We offer a strong network of experts in all digital disciplines and bring the experience and core competencies to achieve the entrepreneurial business goals in digitalisation.

Transparency, security and efficiency.

With the help of the digitalisation toolkit, decisions for digital applications and products can be made more reliably, wrong decisions can be avoided and the concrete contribution to results of the digitalisation steps can be clearly shown.

Together with customers, problems are identified and measures are determined to make concrete contributions to results. We provide expert advice to avoid wrong decisions and counter digital bellyaches with a holistic, strategic approach. A partnership with us enables companies and customers to develop digital maturity independently in the digital toolbox along a strategic roadmap.

Your way to digital maturity

Initial contact & analysis

As is well known, many paths lead to maturity. We offer you a direct line to the management.

Initial contact

By filling out our contact form, we get a first impression of your challenges and the digital challenges in your company. You inform us about those specific topic areas in which you need targeted support.


We evaluate the topics you have mentioned and answer your digital questions. Subsequently, we are happy to offer you a first, joint “get-together”. Uncomplicated and always personal. As soon as we have created this basis, we will start our initial work.

Next Steps

Finally, we discuss together what we see in the professional area for your concrete digital topics and how a possible, initial collaboration can work. On this basis, we work out your digital maturity level in a suitable model approach and create the foundation for your future journey.

They are already convinced


Here are some clients who have already successfully identified their individual maturity level

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