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AI and good LinkedIn-Content?

The AI age is here, and connecting AI with high-quality LinkedIn content is possible. Maintaining quality on social networks is already a challenge, but what if people stop writing for themselves? 🤖

Dealing with AI must be learned
👩‍💻Es is about “prompting,” the art of communicating with AI, like ChatGPT, to get useful responses. Although language models are often thought of as just better search engines, the basics of prompting are easy to learn and can lead to AI assisting in LinkedIn content creation.

ChatGPT x LinkedIn?
💡It starts with understanding ChatGPT and then providing the chatbot with the right information in the right order. This dialog allows the AI chatbot to be provided with information incrementally until the desired result is achieved. The process can be divided into three parts: Text, Headline, and Call to Action. For each of these parts, a separate chat window is opened where ChatGPT is provided with relevant information, including the author’s role, platform, topic, goals and audience, format, length, and possible references. The result is then refined in dialogue until it is satisfactory.🚨It is important to communicate with ChatGPT as simple as possible, but still informative. In the end, a manual refinement with personal experience and expertise takes place.

New algorithm
🤝The way we handle this technology is up to us. LinkedIn recently updated the algorithm to customize content based on profile and authority in the topic at hand. The post is first displayed in one’s own network before being shared with people outside the network if it is well received in the community.
🚧The hurdle to gain visibility on LinkedIn is now higher for both self-authored and AI-generated texts. Quality is more valued again.

Target group is different
🎯Target groups could be people who have difficulty writing, lack ideas, or have a limited budget for ghostwriters. AI is the perfect support – provided you invest time.

👥Person-to-person marketing and AI as support are becoming increasingly important. ChatGPT and co. can support at work and enable us to be more creative and effective.
⏰The prerequisite for this is investing time, learning how to prompt and using AI to be present on LinkedIn, but more efficiently than by writing posts manually.

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