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Vanity metrics: what they are and how you recognise them

If you are dealing with the topic of data-driven marketing, you have probably come across the term “vanity metrics” before. A t3n article recently explained in more detail what this term actually means and why they can be so dangerous. For a quick overview, we have summarised the most important information on the topic of “vanity metrics” here:

🧐 The term “vanity metrics” refers to those metrics that appear beautiful and impressive to the observer, but have no meaningfulness. In other words, spectacular data that reveal little or nothing about the actual performance.

🚨 Why these metrics are so problematic is actually obvious. ” Vanity metrics” can not only be meaningless, but in the worst case they can falsely conceal or gloss over conditions.

This way you can tell if you are dealing with a “vanity metric”:

🚩 One indicator is the measurability of the numbers. The easier the data is to measure, the more non-specific it is. In other words, data that you can simply read off (such as follower numbers) are often “vanity metrics”.

🚩No decisions can be made on the basis of such “vanity metrics”.

It is therefore true that the precise analysis of the available figures and data is decisive, because simply nice figures are usually not helpful.

👉 You can find the whole article and how to prevent these metrics by clicking on the button.

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