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Online marketing in the industrial sector

Secret weapon or waste of resources? We clarify!

Online marketing in industry – secret weapon or waste of resources? We clarify!

Normally, trade fairs are always the places where industrial companies present themselves and their products. However, due to the current pandemic, most trade fairs have been cancelled or postponed until next year. This means that important sales opportunities are no longer available.

The question of what alternatives now exist is relatively easy to answer: online marketing. While targeted online marketing is already lived practice in the B2C sector, only a few industrial companies actively use this for themselves.

So which channels offer the greatest opportunities? At the top of this list is clearly SEO. Especially in industries where competitors have not yet recognised this potential, SEO can become a secret weapon. The big challenge here is finding the right keywords. It is important to use keywords with which both experts and non-specialists can find one’s own company. In addition to SEO, email marketing and Google Ads can also be used.

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