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New social media functions for 2023

Social media is constantly changing. Modifications on LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram , as well as updates in the metaverse offer new options for advertisers to reach their target groups in the best possible way. But what exactly do these changes look like ?

LinkedIn as the leading business platform:
πŸ“Š The introduction of a discovery tab and the function of scheduling postings is intended to increase usability. Due to new ad formats, posts of one’s own employees can now also be used as ads.

Facebook, Instagram and Co. – The Future of Meta:
πŸ‘©πŸ’» According to ARD/ZDF data, the daily dose of Instagram and Facebook is up to 20%. Metaverse, Meta Quest Pro and other functional developments are to be expanded even further. Apple’s new app “tracking policy” makes it harder to reach certain audiences, making the use of email marketing for large advertisers more important than!

🀳 The new Instagram Story format “glimpse” is similar to BeReal and allows users more authenticity. Ads will now be served in the Instagram Explore tab and public profile feeds, and AI-driven mule advertiser ads are in the planning. User interactions with businesses will be tracked to optimise ads. AR-ads will also be introduced for users to interact with.

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