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making feelings measurable in advertising

Measuring emotions in advertising:
In the world of advertising, we face the challenge of quantifying consumers’ emotional responses to advertising. A Swedish company, Brand Metrics, used automated surveys to make the impact of advertising on brand perception measurable. 😁😭

Data collection with Brand Metrics:
❓ Brand Metrics collects data by asking people who have been exposed to advertising just one question. This is done on the ad publisher’s website without relying on third-party tracking.
πŸ“„ In doing so, they collect information on the frequency and duration of ad exposure, as well as people’s attitudes toward the advertised brand. Using this data, they analyze brand influence based on four key metrics: Awareness, Consideration, Preference, and Intention to Act.

Use of artistic intelligence:
🧠 Brand Metrics uses advanced algorithms based on regression analysis. They explore the possibility of using AI to make predictions about the success of advertising campaigns. Their goal is to achieve the best results in predicting campaign success.

Challenges and solutions in data collection:
πŸ‘₯ Survey participation and honest responses from users are always challenges.
1️⃣ Brand Metrics minimizes these issues by asking only one question, placing it in the advertising environment, and ensuring participant anonymity. They also prevent response bias by rotating answer options, especially for surveys conducted on connected TV devices.

Future outlook for the advertising market:
πŸ“‰ The advertising market is subject to constant fluctuations, but short-term approaches will dominate until more budget is available, which could lead to long-term developments.
πŸ’» The ability to predict and optimize the success of advertising campaigns remains of central importance.

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