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International SEO

International SEO

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. Higher rankings for search engines mean that users will find your website and services much more easily. Take Advantage of the myriad Possibilities that Online Marketing offers!

Our Services

SEO Analysis

Technical On-Site Analysis

An analysis of your website’s technical features and content.

Competitor Analysis

Analyse and compare your competitors’ SEO.

Keyword Analysis

Detailed keyword analysis in up to 14 languages.

Ranking/Potential Analysis

An analysis of your current rankings and associated potential.

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Position Yourself Right at the Top

International Seo

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation and is sub-divided into:

Technical On-site Optimisation, Content Optimisation, and
Off-Site Optimisation.

Why do you need it?

Higher rankings for search engines mean that users will find your website and services much more easily.

Technical website structure

Technical On-Site Analysis

Technical SEO is a core area of search engine optimization. Through the technical on-site analysis we can derive concrete optimization measures for your website

Programming & Servers

URL structure, redirects, HTTP status codes, loading times, etc.


SEO copy, duplicate content, translation errors, meta titles & meta descriptions, etc.

Know your Competition

Competitor Analysis

A competitor analysis not only provides information about your status within the industry, but also shows your additional optimization potential, as well as the points where competitors could take over your market.

The right Keywords

International Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis helps to identify common search terms that people use to find your offerings, products or services, via search engines.

With the help of various tools the relevance of individual keywords, that are in competition with other companies, can be tracked. These terms or keywords can be utilised  for your on-site SEO and creatively integrated into the content creation, on-site optimization and the creation of links.

Your international online presence

Our Languages

We currently offer content creation, content optimization, translation and general support for the successful internationalisation of your company content into 14 different languages at a native language level.*

Spanish / Catalan



Portuguese / Brazilian









* Other languages on request

Possible campaign with the marketing automation software Evalanche from SC-Networks

What we Analyse

Ranking/Potential Analysis

When analysing rankings, our team focuses on evaluating customer-specific keywords in relation to their positioning in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The rankings are also accompanied by detailed information on potentials that are not yet being exploited.

The inclusion of a “potentials” analysis, which, like the ranking analysis itself, is based on the keyword matrix, delivers an encompassing view of the overall market environment.¬†

Our Services

SEO Implementation

On-Site Optimisation

Optimisation of the website’s technical aspects


Creation and optimization of content

Off-Site Optimisation

Creation of a qualitative back-link profile

We optimise your website!

On-site optimization includes all measures that are carried out in relation to the structure and content of a website itself in order to make it as transparent and indexable as possible for search engines. This allows the website to obtain the best possible positioning in the rankings.

Possible Measures

  • URL Adaptation

Identification and correction of faulty pages and redirects

  • Loading Optimisation

Optimisation of the sitemap and robot.txt.

  • Media Optimisation

Optimisation of internal and external links

Creation and Optimisation of Content

From the point of view of search engines, content consists almost exclusively of written copy. The video and graphic content from Universal Search also achieve their rankings through the associated descriptions, file names and alternative copy. In order to be successfully listed in search engines, it is therefore necessary to create relevant and unique thematic content.

We offer various services to assist with content creation and optimization. Including SEO copy for categories, blogs, performance pages, as well as meta titles and meta descriptions.

We also optimise content off-site

Off-site optimization defines all SEO measures that can be used to influence the search engine ranking and positioning of your website via other Internet pages. In practice, this means building up as many thematically relevant and qualitative back-links (“incoming links”) as possible.

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USE Case

One of our most recent SEO projects is Master Regale, a German manufacturer of heavy-duty shelving. Over a period of 3 years, we supported the relaunch of the website

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