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Hologram checkouts – The future of shopping?

The world is going contactless: After contactless payment, the entire checkout is now going contactless. The supermarket chain 7-Eleven is currently testing this in some branches in Japan. How is it supposed to work? With a hologram. 🤯

Basically, you can imagine the whole thing like a normal self-service checkout. The customer holds his goods over a scanner, sees what he has scanned and then pays contactlessly. The only difference is that they don’t see their goods on a touch screen and click on them, but by means of a hologram. 🛒

The advantages are obvious: as the self-service checkout is not actually touched, the process is more hygienic and minimises hardware damage from (incorrect) use. 🤔

💭 What do you think of this way of buying? We look forward to your comments!

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