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German Bundeswehr recruits in the metaverse

💥 The Bundeswehr, Germany’s armed forces, has launched a new web series – in focus the soldiers of the Guard Battalion. It is called “Semper Talis”, the traditional motto of the Guard Battalion at the Federal Ministry of Defence. The web series gives an insight into the activities of the Guard Battalion and serves to recruit new members of the Guard Battalion. In addition to the web series published on Youtube, the Bundeswehr shares bonus content on social networks and, for the first time, on the metaverse “Decentraland”. It is said that after the trailer has been played in the virtual environment, users will receive a Guard Battalion T-shirt for their avatar.

🤔 What do you think of recruiting measures in the metaverse? An absolute must for companies or just a temporary trend that does not lead to sustainable success? 

👉 A photo of the virtual stand and further information can be found via the button.

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