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How to recognise fake reviews on Amazon

Black Friday is just around the corner and deals can already be found in the first shops today. A popular place for Black Friday shopping is the marketplace Amazon. In a recent article, t3n reveals how you can recognise fake reviews on Amazon and thus avoid bad purchases. Here are the most important tips for you:

🔍 First of all, the good news: Amazon is not indifferent to fake reviews and the marketplace actively takes action against them with various measures. Nevertheless, Amazon does not manage to eliminate them completely.

🚩 All alarm bells should ring when you see conspicuously long reviews. Hardly any internet user takes the time to write a detailed review, especially one with examples of use and product details. The longer and more detailed a review is, the more suspicious you should be.

🚩”My wife and I have been together for years now and I was looking for a gift for our 30th wedding anniversary when I stumbled across this product.” You should also be careful with such reviews. While such reviews are supposed to appear particularly authentic, real customers often limit themselves to the facts of the product.

🚩 Is it a review or is it SEO text? Pay attention to how the Amazon review was written. If it sounds like an SEO text, it is unlikely to be a real review.

🚩 Another tip: If a review seems suspicious to you, take a look at the user’s public profile. How many reviews has he already written? What else do they buy and how are the products rated? Often this information gives you a good insight into trustworthiness. Profiles that have for example already written 3,000 reviews should make you wary.

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