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Google’s “Helpful Content Update”

All signs point to user experience. Google now also wants to improve the experience for users and is currently rolling out the so-called “Helpful Content Update”. Here we briefly summarise what this means and what needs to be taken into account.

Added value instead of search engine optimisation

In addition to observing the well-known SEO best practices, creators should pursue a people-oriented approach, especially through “people-first content”.

Avoid Search Engine First approach

It comes down to the combination of SEO and helpful content. Search Engine First content is often perceived as unsatisfactory.

Unhelpful content ranks lower

Websites with a lot of unhelpful content perform worse in search. Google therefore recommends removing such content. The questions in the Google Search Central Blog should help to identify unhelpful content and replace it with helpful content (link at the end of the post).

🔜 But do not worry! It is still one signal of many that Google evaluates for web content. Moreover, the update will initially only affect English searches until it is extended further. Nevertheless, it may already be worthwhile to check your content to avoid ranking drops early on.

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