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Google Marketing Live – New features for Shopping Ads

At this year’s Google Marketing Live, a number of new innovations were announced to further enhance the UX and advertising opportunities for merchants on Google. 📣🖥️

Are you also curious which ones these are ❓
We have summarised the exciting innovations below:

🆕 New, intuitive and more visually appealing shopping ads (initially only in USA)

🆕 Augmented reality (AR) is finding its way into shopping ads – advantageous for retailers who already use 3D product images. And shoppers also benefit from the fact that they can try on or test products live.

🆕 The worldwide success of Youtube Shorts ensures that all video & app campaigns will now be automatically scaled for YT Shorts. In addition, the integration of product feeds for video ads on Youtube Shorts will soon be possible.

🆕 Google also announces performance increases through 5 innovations of its cross-channel Performance Max campaigns. In addition to simple campaign management, offline sales targets are also to be promoted more strongly.

🆕 With the help of automations and new statistics on target groups and cross-platform ads, campaigns are to be further optimised.

🆒 There will also be a new feature for users: The “My Ad Center”, where privacy settings and ad types can be personalised.

⁉️ What do you think of the innovations? Long overdue or nothing new?

👉 Read the full report on the Google Blog:

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