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Are the #hashtag days on Instagram over?

This is probably a question many users of the social network are currently asking themselves. The discussion about how many hashtags are most effective also comes up again and again. Adam Mosseri, head of #Instagram, now clarifies whether hashtags still influence reach and how many of them you should use.

#️⃣ First of all, the reassuring news: according to Mosseri, hashtags are still relevant today, especially because many of the Instagram users still search by hashtags.

#️⃣ However, the days when 30 hashtags were considered the leading number are over. Today, the use of 3 to 5 hashtags is considered most effective. So the fewer the better.

#️⃣ By the way, the most popular hashtags on Instagram include #love #instagood and #photooftheday

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