B2C2B Business

From the company to the end customer and then on to your business partner. Generate valuable B2C2B projects via social media and Google that benefit you, your business partner and the end customer.

From the company, to the end customer, to your business partner

Three-Phase Distribution

Pass on valuable leads that you can’t use to your business partners! Business partners could be craftsmen, workshops, etc., i.e. companies that execute projects.

End customer

Lead Generation


Lead Qualification &
Lead Management

Business Partners

Project Implementation

USE Case


Zander Digital Services has already implemented various B2C2B projects. Among them is consultation on barrier-free bathrooms at Lumina, the bathroom showrooms of the Zander Group.

B2C2B – A Simplified OUTLINE

The Process

Don’t just leave your traffic hanging. Utilise it! It benefits you, your business partners and the end customer. A “win-win-win” scenario.



The end customer is interested in a specific service or product and approaches the wholesaler for information.


Lead Generation

The wholesaler generates end customer data via a form.


Lead Qualification

The wholesaler qualifies the generated lead.



The wholesaler passes the lead on to the business partner.


Take Over

Your business partner contacts the end customer and takes care of their request.



The business partner reports to the wholesaler how the lead was dealt with and whether a contract was concluded.

One process, everyone benefits

One process, everyone benefits

The advantages

Learn how you and your partners as well as end customers can benefit from the B2C2B process!

  • Leveraging already-existing, unused traffic for their benefit
  • Further enhancing relationships with customers
  • Product-level sales management
  • Rapid request processing
  • The assurance of having found a reputable, available and qualified service provider
  • Everything handled via a single source
  • Receiving already-qualified leads
  • No investment required
  • Detailed reports
  • Full control over the marketing budget
  • No further investment required

In 3 steps to your solution

Our services

We take over the following tasks for you when setting up your B2C2B process.

Lead generation

Generation of leads from end customers via Google Ads and social media advertising


Integration of the technical process into your website and database


Success control and analysis of the data obtained.

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